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Access directions & get custom web search from your New Tab

How to Install

Click on

Add extension

Open a New Tab to easily access driving directions


Turn-by-turn Directions

Get accurate driving directions to your destination instantly. Enter your location & destination to find the shortest route easily.


Live Traffic Updates

Running late to work? Reach your destination on time. Avoid areas of heavy traffic with real-time traffic alerts.


Latest Gas Prices

Need to know the price of gas in a particular city? This easy-to-use extension allows you to check recent gas prices for any location conveniently.


Popular Map Providers

Access popular map providers like Google Map™ and Bing™ Maps using quick links on your New Tab.


What’s more?

Get easy access to satellite maps

Book hotels for your travel

Easily save your frequently visited

Find popular shopping malls
near you

Added Benefits:

Satellite Maps

Gas Prices

Local Restaurants

Shopping Malls


Custom Web Search

& more

Add this maps extension to enjoy these benefits for FREE!